Stop G7 in Lübeck – and everywhere!

Call Stop G7 Luebeck 14 Apr 20015, english (PDF)

On the 14th and 15th of April 2015, the foreign ministers of the G7 are meeting in Lübeck. And while the Mayor of Lübeck is delighted by the recognition and marzipan candies are being prepared for the VIPs, we intend to display our rejection of the G7 and their policies through diverse actions and activities.

The “Group of Seven” consists of the richest and most powerful industrial states in the world: USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. Their only justification for their say on global policies is economical, political and military power. The G7, therefore, is an undemocratic institution without mandate.

No matter if they’re discussing how to tackle the economic crisis, unilateral trade agreements like the TTIP or synchronizing their foreign and military policies: the G7 never considers the interests of the concerned people, and only care about preserving their power, profit and prestige. This was made very clear by their confrontational course in the Ukraine conflict, which led to the exclusion of Russia from their club (which was formerly known as the G8).

We, on the other hand, clearly state: You do not represent us! In our vision of a solidary and peaceful world with justice for all, there is no room for power brokers such as the G7. We must push back hard against their power and influence to let democracy grow from the roots and over borders.

If people normally matter little in the grand schemes of the G7, they matter even less in the smaller scheme of having their congress in the new Hanse Museum in middle of the old, inner districts of Lübeck, the residential and commercial hub of the city. Up to 4.500 police officers are expected to protect the congress as well as keep protestors away. In order to accomplish this, there will be massive limitations in the freedom of movement for the citizens of Lübeck – who in the planning phase are seen as nothing more than a distraction and security risk.

We ask: Have Mayor Saxe and Foreign Minister Steinmeier on their own decided to host the G7 Congress in Lübeck? And why have the citizens of Lübeck, or at least the democratically elected City Council, not had a say in the matter?

We will not surrender our right to protest. The streets and squares of the city belong to the people, not its governors. From the 13th to the 15th of April, we will let our voices be heard! We invite anyone, who can identify with our goals, to join in decentralized actions as well as the big demonstration on the 14th in the old city of Lübeck:

  • Anyone, who rejects trade agreements such as TTIP, TISA, and CETA, because they only serve to strengthen the rights of multinational corporations against the decisions of democratically elected governments
  • Anyone, who considers the deportation policies of the G7 states a crime against humanity, who welcomes refugees and would use this protest against the G7 to also reject the growing influence of right-wing politicians all over Europe.
  • Anyone who is concerned about the confrontational course undertaken in Ukraine and would protest the worldwide war and military policies of the G7.
  • Anyone, who is fed up with the rich growing richer, while the poor become poorer, and would see that the architects of the global financial meltdown also pay the bill for it.
  • Anyone, who would see a fair, solidary and democratic world, where no one must starve and the social and human rights are guaranteed – and who consider an institution like the G7 an aberration.

The decentralized actions and protests in Lübeck are also a part of the national and international mobilization against the annual G7 Head of State meeting, which will take place from the 6th to the 8th of June in Schloss Elmau in Bavaria.

From 08.00 Decentralized actions in the entire city
From 17:00 Demonstration through the inner city

 Bündnis Stopp G7 Lübeck